About Quangdao Nguyen


My name is Quangdao Nguyen and I'm a web developer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Currently, I work as a front-end developer for a company called Graydient Creative. Although I focus on JavaScript and use the ASP.NET framework in the office, I've been experimenting in a multitude of other web technologies, including WordPress, general PHP, and Node.JS. While offline, I... who am I kidding; I'm never offline.


List of Things

This is the point where I just got lazy and compiled a list of things I wanted to include in my bio, but couldn't figure out how.

Known Aliases: Q, Dao, Corndog, Buddy

Random Fun Fact: Huge fan of Zero Escape, Saw, Criminal Minds, and... Pokémon

Hobbies: Playing Cards; TCGs; Chess; Board Games; Pokémon

Favorite Video Games: Pokémon (FireRed, Omega Ruby, Moon); Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward; Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

First Programming Language: JavaScript

Most Visited Website: StackOverflow