Ew gross, that's a photo of me.

Quangdao Nguyen

80% Robot

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Quangdao Nguyen

About Me

Hi! 👋 My name is Quangdao (most call me Q) and I am a self-taught, multi-talented, highly-functional robot. 80%, anyway. I am a programmer specializing in the ASP.NET Core environment, but I also have experience in PHP and Node.JS. By day, I am currently employed as a Software Engineer at nvisia, where I build applications for a variety of clients ranging from private software solutions providers to government utlity companies. By night, I’m usually charging my battery, but when I’ve still got some juice left over, you can find me in a pile of trading cards or plucking away (poorly) at my guitar. I have also been known to take a joke too far.