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The Great Web Browser War of 2017

I have a confession to make: I use NetScape as my primary web browser. As in NetScape Navigator. Yes, I understand that it'...

It's Pronounced GIF!

Note: I wrote this after a long day at work, which was preceded by three hours of sleep. I'm tired, but was inpired by a d...

At Long Last, it's Live!

Last year, I started an initiative to build my own website. With all the website builders and content management systems out t...

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Men at a formal event look like a gathering of waiters and Secret Service agents. See Tweet

Denver [PHOTO] See Tweet

"Answer" is a weird word. See Tweet

I'm amused by the fact that Command Tower is going to be Standard-legal in a month. #MTGELD See Tweet

#ArmedAndDangerous twitter.com/WeAreGraydient… See Tweet

Parking garage at work "upgraded" the card reader. You have to get really close not. But get this... It TALKS 🤯 😒 See Tweet

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