What Quangdao Uses

Programming Languages & Frameworks

  • I am currently using C# as my primary programming language in tandum with the .NET environment. I also have historical experience with PHP and NodeJS.
  • The UI framework I currently tend to reach for is Svelte, augmented by Sveltekit when necessary. It’s a relatively recent addition to my toolbelt, and before that I would gravitate to Vue. Professionally, I also work in Angular and React.
  • While I am perfectly satisfied with JavaScript, I do tend to enable TypeScript whenever I can.
  • I’ve previously used Microsoft SQL Server as my primary database provider, but have been switching all of my personal projects over to PostgreSQL.
Usage Stats
  • C# Lv. 19

  • JavaScript Lv. 17

  • Markdown Lv. 13

  • TypeScript Lv. 13

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Right now, VS Code is my primary editor. I’m currently equipped with the One Dark Pro theme and the Ubuntu Mono font family. However, I’ve recently reacquired a JetBrains license and have been trying out Rider for my .NET development. I’m looking forward to trying out Fleet!

Usage Stats
  • VS Code Lv. 28

  • Web/PHPStorm Lv. 23

  • Visual Studio Lv. 17

  • Sublime Text Lv. 4

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Other Software

  • Firefox — Primary Web Browser
  • DataGrip — Database IDE
  • Notion — Note-taking / Productivity Tool
  • GitHub — Source Code Repository
  • Netlify — Web Hosting
  • AWS — Web Hosting



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Font Faces

FF Tisa Sans Pro

My primary font face.

Ubuntu Mono

The font face I use for code snippets on the website. Also the font I set for all of my code editors!

Gloria Hallelujah

A fun handwritten font-face I use for quotes throughout the site.