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Quangdao Nguyen

The Joke + Punchline

Two Comics - "The Joke" and "Punchline"


The Joke

Two characters are standing next to each other, having a conversation, Lefty on the left, and Righty on the right.

Righty: What do you call a man who died of cancer?
Lefty: What?
Righty (Smiling): Dead.

Suddenly, a new character breaks through from the bottom of the frame. Lefty and Righty are now standing closer to the top-left corner, shocked. Lefty is on the right, Righty on the left.

Righty & Lefty: What the f–


A character, Airborne, is seen in the center of the frame with a frown.

Unknown Offscreen Character: YOU KISSED MY WIFE??

A new character, Angry, walks into the frame, approaching a terrified Airborne, who has his hands up in denial.

Angry unleashes a powerful uppercut that launches Airborne from the floor.

Angry is angry, as Airborne crashes through the top of the frame and into the above comic “The Joke.” The top of this frame, the bottom of the last frame in the previous comic, and the dividing line have all been shattered.